Will Worker’s Compensation Cover My Medical Bills?

There are many reasons you may have filed a worker’s compensation claim. Reasons such as the inability to work leading to loss of wages, need to claim disability or help with medical expenses stemming from your injury. Whatever the reasons may be, you may have lots of questions and concerns especially when it comes to covering medical costs. Often times, claimants are unsure if their workers’ compensation will cover medical expenses such as an ambulance ride, a hospital stay, and even the doctor’s fees. This is where a worker’s comp attorney comes in handy. They can help you navigate the legal side of worker’s compensation and ensure you get what you deserve.


Ambulance Ride

If your injury was severe enough or you were incapacitated, you may have required an ambulance ride to the hospital. Given the expense of ambulances, you may be rightfully concerned that your worker’s comp may not cover the cost. However, worker’s compensation policies are intended to cover the cost of medical care relating to any injury or illness that happens on the job. This includes an ambulance trip to the emergency room or hospital to receive the appropriate medical care.

Hospital Stay

Again, the purpose of worker’s comp is to cover your medical expenses relating to an on-the-job injury or illness. If you require an extended stay in either the emergency room or hospital due to recovery, then worker’s compensation will cover the cost of your hospital stay. However, keep in mind that there may be limitations on the length of stay they may cover. This is policy dependent and a worker’s comp attorney can help you determine if your stay is covered in full.

Doctor’s Bill

Since a doctor’s treatment costs stemmed directly from the need to treat your work-related injury, the worker’s compensation will also cover this cost. It should be noted though that some states have limitations on what doctor’s expenses are covered. Say for instance you injure your ankle on the job and it leads to a limp which causes back problems. Worker’s compensation in some states may cover a chiropractor to align your back, but in other states, this doctor’s bill may not be covered.

What Next?

There are lots of questions that surround a worker’s compensation claims. Contact the law offices of Rodriguez, Interiano, Hanson, and Rodgers Law Firm in Kennewick, WA. We handle worker’s comp claims regularly in our office and are available to help you navigate the uncertainty.