It helps to have a skilled legal team to win a case against an insurance company. Washington requires insurance companies to act in good faith, and Washington provides tough penalties against insurance companies that act in bad faith. But suing an insurance company is a tricky process that demands tenuous attention. Rodriguez Interiano Hanson & Rodgers, PLLC fights to get the insured party the compensation they deserve.

Since 2001, attorneys of Rodriguez Interiano Hanson & Rodgers PLLC have protected the legal rights of those who have been personally injured due to someone else’s fault. Insurance Bad Faith is a type of personal injury. If you are subject to Insurance Bad Faith, you incur damages from the improper handling of your insurance claim or a claim that has been brought against you. There are several ways in which an insurance company might act in bad faith, such as:

  • Delaying their response when you file a claim

    Insurance Bad Faith

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  • Denying claim
  • Unfairly valuing your claim
  • Failing to pay your claim in full
  • Refusing to defend you against a claim

If the insurance company behaved in an egregious manner and you win your Insurance Bad Faith case, you will be awarded financial compensation far above the amount your insurer would have had to pay for the original claim.

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