Car Accident Attorney Kennewick WAInjuries and deaths require that you have a dedicated personal injury attorney on your side. An experienced automotive accident attorney from the Rodriguez Interiano Hanson and Rodgers firm is ready and waiting to assist you.

Our attorneys been have handling automotive accidents of all types since the 1990’s, including:

We endeavor to get the maximum compensation possible, and have a proven track record of helping victims receive just compensation.

A free consultation is offered to all of our potential clients, and you can schedule your free consultation today at: (509) 783-5551.

When to Hire an Automotive Accident Attorney

You should hire a car accident attorney when:

  • You are injured in an accident that is not your fault.
  • You are being pursued by the opposing party’s insurance and/or attorneys following an accident.
  • You’ve suffered life-changing injuries due to an accident.
  • The accident occurred because of another person’s negligence.

Hiring an attorney is essential to your case. The faster you hire an attorney, the more evidence will still be available, and the easier it will be to confidently and properly develop your case.  Our attorneys will ensure that your accident case is handled professionally. We will do all that we can to win your case, including:

  • Examining witnesses
  • Bringing in automotive experts
  • Taking pictures of the accident scene

Additionally, our early involvement allows us to track your medical treatment and medical bills.  By doing so, we  assess how your treatment (or lack thereof) is affecting your case.  We also review how your medical bills are being paid and assist you in finding the best way to avoid having your medical bills go to collection.

If a loved one has died in a motor vehicle accident, it is important to contact an attorney.  We may not be able to bring your loved one back, but we can make sure that his or her family are justly compensated.  Besides proving the at-fault party was liable for the death and the damages associated with it, our firm assists you in:

  • Ensuring an autopsy is carried out when needed,
  • Opening an Estate for the deceased
  • Get compensation for any minors legally entitled to it
  • Selecting Settlement Guardians ad Litem to represent the minors’ interests.


In many cases, our involvement is required when an insurance company denies an injured party’s rightful claim.  Whether your own insurance company or the at-fault parties’ insurance company refuses to pay, we advise that you get us involved.

Finally, there are situations where the insurance company admits liability, but makes an effort to get you to accept an insignificant settlement amount.  When you get us involved, we will research what similar cases have received in the past and work to increase the amount offered through our thorough and diligent efforts.

Automotive accidents happen every week in Kennewick, WA. Give us a call today to get the legal help you need to receive just compensation for on your motor vehicle claim at: (509) 783-5551.

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