Motorcycle Accident Injuries

When you are involved in a collision when riding your motorcycle, most of the time you are lucky to get away with your life. After all, you are sharing a busy road with cars and trucks that dwarf your bike, and many of them are not doing all they can to look out for motorcyclists. Being in a motorcycle accident can bring about a number of horrific injuries, not to mention death. Some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident can be debilitating for weeks, months, or sometimes for the rest of your life.

Motorcycle Injuries

  • Head Injury– Sustaining a head injury in a motorcycle accident can be catastrophic, even if you are wearing a helmet. Brain swelling that may occur following the accident can result in brain damage, impaired vision, hearing, movement, or speech, and possible death. If you sustain a head injury following a collision on your motorcycle, seek medical attention without delay, and of course, wear a helmet each time you ride.
  • Neck Injury– Nearly as common as a head injury following a motorcycle accident, neck injuries are every bit as serious and potentially fatal. Neck injuries have the potential to paralyze a person, and severe neck injuries can kill you instantly. For this reason, it is vital to protect and stabilize your neck by wearing your helmet.
  • Road Rash– Though its name sounds slightly trivial compared with the above injuries, road rash is no laughing matter. Road rash is sustained as a result of a rider’s body sliding across the pavement after falling off of his or her bike. Not only is road rash very painful, but it can also lead to more serious, possibly permanent damage to your skin, nerves and muscle tissue. You can minimize the risk of road rash by wearing specialty motorcycle gear designed to protect your body from scrapes, cuts, and abrasions in the event of an accident.
  • Biker’s Arm– This motorcycle injury occurs when a biker instinctively protects herself by putting her arms out to lessen the impact of a fall. This can cause serious damage to the arm or arms that took the full force of the impact, such as permanent nerve damage and severe breaks. Wearing a motorcycle jacket and/or elbow pads can mitigate the amount of damage to the biker’s arms in the event of a collision.
  • Leg Injury– In order to prevent the legs from being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, the rider should wear protective leather motorcycle pants at all times. Additionally, the use of proper footwear is a must when riding. This can prevent serious, potentially permanent nerve and muscle damage to the legs and feet.


By taking the necessary precautions, you are setting yourself up for a much better chance of survival and limited motorcycle accident injuries. Wearing the right gear and taking safety measures each time you ride will allow you the freedom to enjoy riding your motorcycle while lessening the worry about the ugly aftermath of a collision.


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