If you have been seriously injured in an accident and are looking for a personal injury lawyer Kennewick WA,  who you choose can make or break your case. It is vital to find a lawyer with experience in similar situations, hard work ethic, and ethics you can trust. Keep these hypothetical questions in mind when looking for a personal injury lawyer so that when the time comes, your case is well-represented.

“How long have you been practicing?”

Ask the personal injury lawyer how long they have been in practice. Try to discuss their methods as a lawyer and their experience working with similar case scenarios. In addition, it wouldn’t hurt to ask them if they usually represent defendants or plaintiffs. You will want a lawyer familiar and comfortable with working on your side.

“Do you provide free initial consultations?”

Personal Injury Lawyer Kennewick WA

Personal Injury Lawyer Kennewick WA

Most lawyers provide free consultations before they decide to take on a case. It may help to go to several different consultations and decide which approach best fits the situation. This can help you discuss the case from multiple perspectives and choose the lawyer whose perspective works best with yours.

“Can you provide references?”

If they are an experienced lawyer, they should be able to provide references of clientele who have worked with them. This should give you a better idea of their work method as a lawyer and whether it is best for your case. If possible, ask for a client who faced a similar case to yours so you can ask more specific questions that can help you make a decision.

It may also help to read online reviews about the lawyer’s practice to decide if the lawyer would represent your case well.

“What is your fee?”

How does the personal injury lawyer collect payment? Most lawyers work on contingency fee, which means that they do not receive payment until the case is over and you receive money. Some have other methods, however, and it’s important to know how a lawyer expects payment before taking them on.

Have you been hurt in an accident? Are you looking for a personal injury lawyer Kennewick WA to represent your case? Rodriguez Interiano Hanson & Rogers is a personal injury attorney practice serving the Kennewick WA and Pasco WA areas, and we would love to help you find compensation for your injuries. To get in touch, give us a call at (509) 783-5551. We look forward to hearing from you!

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