If you are facing conviction for drug-related criminal charges following an arrest, it is essential that you know your rights. In order for your attorney to provide you with the best defense in court and help you obtain the best possible outcome, it is important to understand the charges against you and give all the information surrounding the circumstances of your arrest.


If evidence from your drug arrest was obtained improperly, such as during an illegal search and seizure, or if your person, vehicle or home was searched without probable cause first being established, this can result in the prosecution being unable to build a case against you using any drug-related evidence. Since this can make the difference between a orison sentence and being allowed to go free, it is of the utmost importance that you share every detail of your arrest with your attorney, exactly as it happened. An experienced attorney can build a solid defense based upon factors of your arrest such as improperly-followed police procedure, that can ultimately be your ticket to freedom.

Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights


If a sting operation was set up by a police informant in an attempt to get you to purchase or take drugs from him or her, this can be seen as entrapment, especially if the state provided the drugs used in the transaction. If you feel as though your arrest was the direct result of entrapment, make sure your attorney knows all the details in order to build your case.


Sometimes when you are facing conviction on drug-related charges and you committed the crime in question, it may be best to confess. However, it is important that you do not ever issue a confession to the police until you have talked with your attorney first. While a confession on a drug charge can bring a more lenient sentence or plea bargain, it is not always the best course of action, especially if there was improperly-obtained evidence or the possibility of entrapment involved in your arrest. Always talk to a lawyer first before issuing any statement that could be perceived as a confession.

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