Because of the serious nature of the charges, the law does not take domestic violence lightly. Domestic violence; which is classified as any attempt to inflict harm on another member of the family or household, can carry serious penalties upon conviction, including mandatory jail time for some offenses. Restraining orders are


Victims of domestic violence are often encouraged to file restraining orders, also known as orders of protection, against their offenders in order to prevent further abuse and attacks. Restraining orders, while not able to prevent an alleged attacker from stalking or following the victim, do offer an amount of protection in that they allow the victim to call the police and have the abuser arrested if they attempt to harm them.

Some states allow police officers called to a household on a domestic violence charge to issue an EPO, or Emergency Protection Order. These short-term orders of protection give the victim time, usually three days, to file a long-term restraining order while under protection.

A restraining order can be filed against an individual anywhere from one to five years, and in some cases, a lifetime restraining order may be issued. These orders of protection can include certain provisions, such as a no contact provision, which prohibits the offender from calling, emailing, texting or visiting the victim; a peaceful contact provision, which allows the alleged abuser to peacefully communicate with the victim on a limited basis, for reasons often involving children; or a “stay away” provision, which requires the offender to stay a certain distance away from the victim’s home, place of business, school and car at all times.

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