Bankruptcy vs. Debt Consolidation

Are you having financial troubles? Every case is different but you may have another option outside of bankruptcy. Learn more about both options and what makes each one different. Our lawyers can help you make the right choice. What is Bankruptcy? Do you have a lot of debt? You might owe several people money, but […]

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Reasons Why It May Be Time to File For Bankruptcy

Deciding to file for bankruptcy can be overwhelming. The word itself – “bankruptcy” – even sounds ominous and scary by itself! While striving to pay your bills and working with your financial institutions is always a good first step, the ultimate decision to file for bankruptcy may be the right one.   File for Bankruptcy […]

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Attorney in Kennewick WA Explains When to File Bankruptcy

Sometimes life hits you with the unexpected and you’re able to handle it and move forward. Sometimes, however, it piles up so much that you need help recovering. Whatever it is, you shouldn’t have to handle it alone, and when it comes to finances, this is where an attorney in Kennewick, WA can help you. […]

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