When you have been involved in an accident, sometimes the emotional pain caused by the incident outweighs even the physical and financial damage that has been done. People who have experienced an accident can be left with feelings of fear, uncertainty and depression as a result of the injuries and trauma they have sustained. Finding an attorney who can help you fight through the emotional aftermath of an accident while defending your legal rights is of the utmost importance. When you are looking for an attorney to help you fight in an accident case, it is essential to seek someone who is compassionate, caring and attuned to your individual needs and best interests.


Following an accident, it is recommended that you hire an attorney to help you navigate the sometimes tricky, often confusing channels of the legal process. You want to find an experienced attorney with expertise in personal injury or accident claims, who can fairly and effectively fight to represent you in court and help you receive the damages you deserve for the pain, suffering and financial distress caused by your accident. However, simply being a good lawyer isn’t always enough given the emotional aspect of an accident case- for the best possible experience throughout your legal journey following your accident, it is wise to have a trustworthy, caring and compassionate attorney by your side. Make sure that the lawyer you select following your accident is one whom you trust, who can be depended upon to provide a listening ear and strong emotional support as you face a challenging time in your life.


All too often, accident victims hire attorneys who may be technically experienced in defending accident cases, but lack the empathy or compassion to effectively support their clients’ emotional needs throughout the legal process. In the medical field, this is referred to as ‘bedside manner;’ the ability to put a patient’s fears at ease and provide emotional support and care. The concept of bedside manner is just as important in a legal sense, and it is best practice to make sure your accident attorney is someone with whom you have a rapport, and who takes measures to make sure you are calm and comfortable at all times.


The law firm of Rodriguez Interiano Hanson & Rodgers is here to support you following an accident. Our team of legal professionals will handle your case with the confidence that comes from years of experience. Not only do our attorneys have great knowledge and understanding of the ins and outs of accident cases, but we treat each client with the respect and compassion they deserve. We understand that you are going through a difficult period following your accident, and are here to offer you the support you need.


If you reside in or around Pasco, WA, and are seeking an attorney to represent you in an accident case, call Rodriguez Interiano Hanson & Rodgers today at 509-783-5551 to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced member of our legal team. We want to help you get past the emotional trauma of your accident so you can live your best life!

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