Being injured in an accident can do much more than rob you of your health, mobility and employment- it can take an emotional toll on you and your entire family. Regardless of the size and scope of the accident or the extent of your injuries, your entire world can get turned upside down in a matter of minutes. If you are involved in an accident of any kind, you need someone on your side who will make sure you are fairly represented in court. The attorneys at Rodriguez Interiano Hanson & Rodgers are here to support you through your legal journey and help you get the outcome you deserve following your ordeal.


The accident attorneys at Rodriguez Interiano Hanson & Rodgers are highly experienced in accident cases like yours, and can offer insight, wisdom and indispensable advice when you need it most. No other law firm in Kennewick, WA comes close in terms of knowledge and expertise in an accident case. Our firm is committed to making sure you receive the fair hearing you deserve, and that your settlement at least begins to cover the damage that was done to you and your life by being involved in the accident. For Kennewick residents who have recently been in an accident, Rodriguez Interiano Hanson & Rodgers is here to help!


Unable to work, drive or even walk due to an injury? Medical bills piling up from the number of doctor and hospital visits you’ve had to endure following your accident? The team at Rodriguez Interiano Hanson & Rodgers understands what you’re going through, and we want to see you rise above your accident and get back to your life. We are here to help you navigate through a difficult period and come out stronger and happier on the other side. That is our commitment to you- legal counsel that is as effective as it is trustworthy.


If you have recently sustained an injury as a result of an accident and you are in need of an accident attorney here in the Kennewick, WA area, Rodriguez Interiano Hanson & Rodgers wants to hear from you. Call us today at 509-783-5551 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. Rodriguez Interiano Hanson & Rodgers wants to help you through this difficult transition and back to your pre-accident life as soon as possible. 

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